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Astrid Lindgren


Astrid Lindgren's beloved characters are known all over the world and have become friends of many children during their early years. We know the mischievous Emil in Lönneberga, the strong Pippi Longstocking and playful Karlsson on the Roof, and here you'll find Astrid Lindgren illustrations of some of her most well-known characters.

Astrid Lindgren

Our category with Astrid Lindgren illustrations offers both Pippi Longstocking illustrations as well as quotes by Emil in Lönneberga and Karlsson on the Roof. This collection includes Astrid Lindgren quotes and illustration, of and by some of her most beloved characters. Find Emil in Lönneberga illustrations of this mischievous character, and Pippi Longstocking illustrations and quotes that will create a fun and playful atmosphere for your little one.

When decorating your kid's room, illustrations are a perfect choice of art as they'll bring a cosy style to the room. If you want to make your little one's room more personal, let them choose their favourite characters and quotes! These strong and willful Astrid Lindgren characters will give your child early role models, and perhaps also spark their interest for these classic stories. The collection consists of both illustrations and quotes, including Pippi Longstocking illustrations, Emil in Lönneberga illustrations and Karlsson on the Roof illustrations.

Choose among these cute Astrid Lindgren illustrations and find your favourite character! Pick the one that fits your child's personality and you'll have the perfect art for their room. Adding art and illustrations to a kid's room will make it feel much more fun to be in, and with these Astrid Lindgren illustrations of Pippi Longstocking and more, they might find some new role models as well.