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데세니오의 모든 포스터들을 이곳에서 만나보세요! 어떤 공간이나 스타일도 어우르는 다양한 포스터들이 준비되어 있습니다. 데세니오는 끊임없이 새로운 디자인과 데세니오만의 모티프가 담긴 포스터들을 창작하고 업데이트함으로써 언제든지 당신이 원하는 포스터를 만나실 수 있습니다. 지금 데세니오의 최신 트렌드 포스터를 구매하고 나만의 공간에 색다른 분위기를 연출해 보세요!

온라인 아트포스터

Welcome to the Swedish online store Desenio! We help create beautiful homes around the world with our large assortment of posters and art prints! Scandinavian design is in our DNA and our unique and on-trend art prints suit a lot of different home interior styles. Our assortment consists of popular designs by well-known artists, photographers and illustrators, mixed with our own designs created by our very own Design Studio exclusively for Desenio.


With our posters and art prints, you can give your walls a makeover, expressing your style through wall art. Go for supersized art prints if you want your art to be the focal point of your room. We offer posters and art prints in various sizes up to 100x150 cm. Choose art that suits your style and interests. By combining your favourite designs you can create your very own gallery wall to reflect your personality. Mix and match different sizes and materials to create your own look! Check out our ”gallery walls” category for examples of popular gallery walls - perhaps you might find some favourites of your own? Our gallery walls can be purchased as sets, with both frames and art prints ready to be assembled on your wall!


Our art prints are divided into different categories so you can easily find what you're looking for. Check out our Bestsellers to browse our most loved styles. Are you looking for art to go in a specific room? Use our filter function to search art prints perfect for your bedroom, living room, kitchen or nursery. Browse our large assortment of beautiful art prints suitable for every corner of your home!


When you receive your new art print we want you to love it as much as we loved creating it! All our art prints are high quality and are printed on uncoated 200 g/m2 premium paper with a matte surface to ensure a glare-free finish. Our printing technique ensures a high-quality colour reproduction that won’t fade with time. We also offer fast shipping - we know how eager you are to style your walls after placing your order!


  • 200 g/m2 premium paper

  • Uncoated paper

  • Age-resistant paper

  • Exclusive finish

  • Art prints are FSC certified


Decorating your home with wall art should be a relaxing and fun activity. Choosing which art prints you want to hang on your walls can also be a challenge, which is why we divide our styles into different categories and offer a useful filter function to help you find exactly what you're looking for. By combining different sizes, colours and materials you can curate a gallery wall to suit your personal style. If you need inspiration, we recommend checking out our gallery walls where you find different combinations created by our stylists.


Graphic art goes by many names. The word ‘posters’ might feel nostalgic to you, like the pictures of artists that often came with magazines back in the day. We prefer using the term art prints seeing as it represents our product in the right way. Our art is printed in high quality on paper that is much thicker and heavier than those from a magazine. Our art prints have a matte surface to ensure a glare-free finish - you can both see and feel the quality!


If you have questions regarding our art prints, your order or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service and we’ll be happy to help! Buy your posters and art prints online at Desenio to style your walls with unique and on-trend art!