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70x100cm 액자


This category contains all of our large frames measuring 70x100cm, available in diverse colours and materials. We also have mounts with which you can elegantly encase your photos, posters or prints to provide some extra flair!

대형 포스터액자

Here we have grouped together all of our frames measuring 70x100 cm, available in various materials, colours and models. This classic frame is available in wood (black and white), and aluminium (gold, silver and copper). Our picture frames come with Plexiglas for a more durable surface that retains the same transparency as real glass. Looking for something different? We also offer poster hangers as a trendy alternative to a traditional frame. Our 71 cm poster hangers come in black, white and oak and have a chic design. Mix and match different frame types to create a modern gallery wall! This category also contains mounts measuring 70x100 cm, which elegantly encase your posters and prints for a stylish finish. All of our 70x100 cm frames have a smart design, making them simple to assemble and hang up.