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Study Corner gallery wall
What's included?
  • Posters: 4
  • Frames: 4
  • Passe-partouts: 1
Posters bundled with passe-partouts are one size smaller to account for the passe-partout size.

포스터 액자 화이트

40x50 cm₩54,900

매트보드 화이트

40x50 cm₩10,900

포스터 액자 블랙

30x40 cm₩41,900

포스터 액자 오크

50x70 cm₩71,900

포스터 액자 오크

13x18 cm₩14,900

Study Corner gallery wall

The ideal gallery wall for your study corner, a curation of artworks designed to instill your space with an exotic charm. Transform your corner into an inspiring hub of creativity and thought. Explore and shop this exquisite gallery wall here!