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Bring out your inner artist, decorate your walls with paintings from Desenio. In this category you will find paintings in all styles and can choose your new favourites. We have paintings in all styles and for all tastes, browse around and find the ones you love the most before creating a new and artsy gallery wall.

Paintings in all styles and colors

While there might not be an artist in all of us we can still appreciate pretty paintings! In our paintings category we have put together our prints featuring paintings in different styles and colours, some with abstract designs and some with more traditional designs.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of having an inspirational living space. It is at home we find strength after a stressful day, and there is so much time we spend at home that we do not even think about. With paintings on your walls they will immediately breathe new life, and add a bit of brightness and colour to your home. We have paintings in both colour and the classic black and white, and you will most certainly find your new favourite painting prints at Desenio!

Sit back and relax and browse through our fantastic paintings category, filled with life and joyous prints where the art gets our main focus.