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Mrs Mighetto posters


Get swept away to a faraway place with this magical tale, exclusively written for Desenio by the duo behind Mrs Mighetto. This collection wonderfully merges art and storytelling, letting beautiful illustrations tell the story of an exciting adventure where the Minimighettos go on a journey to save the world's beauty. 

Mrs Mighetto posters

Join us on a journey into the world of dreams. Malin Mighetto and Anna Sylvan, the creators behind Mrs. Mighetto, have now created a collection at Desenio. The collection consists of four motifs and a fairytale motif in two color schemes, green and beige. The dreamy motifs can be bought individually or in a pack of five, wrapped in a beautiful Mrs. Mighetto envelope. Perfect to give away as a gift or as a Christmas present.

All motifs are part of a magical bedtime story for the children's room, exclusive at Desenio. Meet Miss Maja, Miss Freja, Mr. Sam, Mr. Hugo, and several mini-mighettos with the mission to save all the beauty in the world. A bedtime story that makes the imagination run wild and creates magic in the children's room.