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Arty Guava - Lay Hoon


As a child, Lay Hoon, known as Arty Guava, would spend hours with her colouring books and always dreamed of pursuing a creative career. After completing an evening course in multimedia design, she decided to quit her job as an engineer and start a new career in graphic design.

"Right at the start of the pandemic, I would illustrate every night on my iPad to help me deal with all the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that was going on around me. Then, as I shared more of my work online and on social media, interest grew, and for the first time in my life, I realised that I could make a living out of my art," she says.

Lay describes her work as whimsical and playful with a hint of Asian spice. She tells us that she often creates what is lacking in her own life at the moment. She mostly uses her iPad when creating and enjoys working with acrylic on canvas.

"The challenge for me is to translate abstract feelings into art. Often, I'm trying to capture a mood or a feeling in my art. The window to capture that is quite fleeting, so when I'm in my zone, I will work fast to capture it before it passes."

Arty Guava - Lay Hoon posters

Lay Hoon is the name behind the artist name Arty Guava. Lay Hoon is based in Vancouver and Singapore and she is a graphic designer and illustrator. Lay Hoon describes her art style as bold, and playful and she loves to spread joy to people through her art. She says that she is inspired by moments from real life and moments from her childhood. She works a lot trying to capture emotions in her art.

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