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Coco De Paris


Coco has worked with art galleries as well as international brands such as Gucci and Marc Jacobs. He combines his love for animals with a touch of humour to create unique and playful art.

"My best ideas come on unexpected moments: during a walk in nature, in a dream, driving in the car, or watching a film."

Coco's process usually begins with a sketch on paper. Then, when he is happy with the result, he paints the final result on canvas.

Art prints by Coco de Paris

Coco de Paris is living and working in the South of France. He has studied at the Art school of Brussels and now sells his artworks worldwide. He works with acrylic paint mainly on stretched canvas, sometimes also on paper. While creating his art he sketches his idea and paints the final work on a canvas. His best ideas come during unexpected moments. It can be in a dream, from walks in nature, watching a movie or driving the car. 

Coco de Paris’s artworks are paintings of colourful animals with human behaviours mixed with a lot of fantasy, giving the art a humorous touch. He believes that humour is the way to communicate. This way his art suits a wider audience, both adults and children. Explore art prints from Coco de Paris at Desenio!