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La Poire


Anine Cecilie Iversen, the artist behind La Poire, has been drawing and painting since she was a child. Earlier this year, she decided to take the leap and become an artist full-time. She describes her art as a study of colour, organic shapes, and the modern human being.

"I am fascinated by the perishable and ever-changing. Fashion, femininity, my feelings, and thoughts," Anine says.

She creates her paintings using watercolours, gouache, coloured pencils, and oil pastels.

"I love playing around and try not to overthink my practice, as I think this gives a certain ease that's very important to me," she says.

La Poire posters

Anine Cecilie Iversen is the artist behind La Poire. Anine Cecilie Iversen is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is a graphic designer. She started to draw and paint with watercolors already as a child. In her art, we can see colorful botanical motifs, and graceful, modern, and fashionable women in colorful colors and bold organic shapes. She describes that she finds her inspiration in nature, fashion, modern art, and her own thoughts and feelings. Explore and find your favorite art from La Poire at Desenio!