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Laura Gröndahl


Laura has always had an urge to create - she has been drawing, painting, and sewing all of her life. She has most recently been working on a series called Flowers and plants. She enjoys being able to completely immerse herself in her work. Her studio, situated in an old factory, plays a big role in her creative process.

Laura Gröndahl prints

Laura Gröndahl is an artist with an insatiable passion for creation, with a lifelong love for artistic expression through drawing and painting. Her artistic journey has been a constant exploration of the world of colours, forms, and textures. At the core of Laura's artistic identity lies a dedication to manifesting her inner creativity. This uncontainable urge to create serves as the driving force behind her compelling body of work. For Laura, art is not a choice; it's an intrinsic part of her being.

Laura Gröndahl's artistic sanctuary is her studio, located in an old factory. Here, she immerses herself completely in her creative processes, utilizing her space to push the boundaries of her artistic experiments and explorations. Discover Laura Gröndahl's artistic realm and get lost in the enchanting world of her creations!