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Maxime Rokus


Maxime is an artist based in Amsterdam. She has been making art since she was a young child, but decided to study graphic design. From there, she was introduced to digital tools, and used them for making art.

She begins with photoshop when creating art. Maxime uses different layers and colours to decide what looks beautiful, and starts creating with her Ipad when she has landed on a design that she loves.

Maxime Rokus Designs

Maxime Rokus is based in Amsterdam and is an illustrator, graphic designer and creative all-rounder. She started to create her artwork by hand, but at the latest time, she started to use her Ipad Pro and a pencil, to get the freedom to use over 130 types of brushes and tools, and she loves the flexibility to be able to work everywhere. Maxime Rokus is one of our Featured Artists at Desenio. Here you will find poster illustrations in different colours and shapes.