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Rosanna Corfe


Rosanna describes her work as playful, colourful, and thoughtful. She aims to infuse each piece with a sense of whimsy while also trying to create a hidden depth and thoughtfulness to her work. She primarily uses gouache and ink for painting due to their versatility and vibrant colours, but also explores new materials to push her work further.

Rosanna Corfe Posters

Discover the art of Rosanna Corfe. These playful and colourful prints will bring a lot of joy to your walls. With a degree in illustration and a master’s degree in printed textiles, Rosanna Corfe has developed a beautiful way of bringing her memories and experiences of nature into art. Growing up Rosanna Corfe was always drawing and painting, and from that, all of this beautiful artwork came to life. Find your favorite prints here at Desenio and decorate your walls with vibrant colours.