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스튜디오 엘레멘트


스튜디오 엘레멘트 - 신비한 자연

In Studio Elements, Desenio Design Studio has captured the wonderful nature of Iceland. This magical photo collection features photographs of animals such as Icelandic horses and sheep, mixed with beautiful nature scenery from famous locations in Iceland.

Studio Elements includes posters and prints in various colours, from green landscape scenes to black sand beaches. Inner harmony and peace of mind is something we all strive towards, and with prints from this exclusive photo collection you can feel all that - whilst your home gets a well deserved touch up. The prints remind us of the raw beauty of nature, and the magical places in our world. Iceland is an island full of life, both when it comes to animals as well as the nature. The meaning of our collection Studio Elements is to highlight nature, and to remind ourselves to be kind to it just the way it is to us.

Explore the magic of nature, feel the power of nature. Browse through the collection and find your favourite nature and animal prints that get to take place in your home.

Studio Elements'' posters from Desenio.