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데세니오의 하이퀄리티 화이트 원목 액자는 뒷면을 쉽게 열어 포스터를 끼울 수 있습니다. 매끄럽고 얇은 두께로 벽에 걸렸을 때의 깔끔함을 자랑합니다. 화이트 액자와 데세니오의 오크 액자를 함께 우아하게 매치하여 당신의 갤러리월에 스칸디나비아 분위기를 연출해 보세요!


Buy your white picture frames online at Desenio! We have stylish, affordable solid wood frames that perfectly match all of our posters. Our white frames are available in small sizes such as 13x18 and 21x30, as well as 30x40, 40x50, 50x50, 50x70, 70x100 and 100x150 cm. The frames are made of wood and come in a narrow and classic profile. V

A white frame looks elegant and stylish with brighter designs, but if you have a poster with darker shades and would still like the frame to blend in and complement the design, just buy a white mount, which will also elegantly accentuate the design. A gallery wall containing only white frames is a typical characteristic of Scandinavian interior design, which is more scaled-back. A good idea is to use natural materials and an earthier colour palette to give more warmth to an otherwise white tableau. We love combining our white and oak frames to create a warmer impression. For a chic contrast in your gallery wall, you can instead combine white and black frames, perfect for a black-and-white photo wall!

If you’d like to see how one of your posters will look in a white frame, or if you would like to combine several frames, see our Inspiration page!