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식물 포스터


Say goodbye to plants you forgot to water, and say hi to plant art! These posters will be your new best friends if you sometimes struggle to keep your plants alive. Decorating your home with plant art will give it new life, adding a bit of colour and pretty silhouettes will give your home a quick makeover without effort!

식물 포스터

With plant art you will not have to worry about your plants dying. Plant art and plant posters will last a long time, and in this category you will find designs in various colours and styles - you simply have to find the ones you love!

With a plant print in green your home will have a calm aura, with a sense of mindfulness and without stress. In an everyday where everything happens fast and right away, it can be nice to come home to a calm home where the atmosphere is easy-going and able to wind you down. Our plant art category includes more than only photographs of green leaves, even though we love them too! You will find illustrations and drawings, as well as close ups in black and white. All in all, a perfect match for everyone.

Discover the live world of plant art, and choose the prints you think will fit best in your home to create a gallery wall that will make you feel at ease.