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Leigh Viner


Using art to express her emotions from a young age, it wasn't until Leigh Viner was in her late 20s that she started pursuing art as a career, shortly after becoming a mother in 2003. Her art has been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Elle Magazine; she has also done an art collaboration with Lady Gaga, with proceeds going to the Born This Way Foundation.

"I like to give the subject of my work a feeling of relatedness. A bittersweetness that helps the viewer feel the emotions that I am trying to express or give movement to," she says.

Using a wide range of materials, such as watercolors, pastels, and oils, Leigh's free-flowing lines create abstract art pieces inspired by nature, fashion, and beauty.

"I am inspired by so many different things each day, from what I am reading to other contemporary artists and my favorites; Picasso, Joan Mitchell, and Cecily Brown, which have been a constant this past few years. And there is always music; I am always listening to a very eclectic playlist that sets the mood."

Leigh Viner

Here you will find artwork created by the freelancing artist and photographer Leigh Viner. Beautiful and emotional posters and prints to decorate your wall with. Leigh Viner is based in Denver where she was also born and raised.

Her artwork is inspired by many different things but music is one thing that can set the mood. By exploring these prints, you can feel the emotions through the art. She has created inspiring art of flowers, plants, and different facial expressions by playing with lines and colours that are perfect for the living room or bedroom. Find your inspiration in these posters and get your favourites!