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인플루언서 콜라보레이션


Our Influencer Collaborations include both Selected By-collections where fashion and lifestyle influencers have put together their favourite Desenio prints, and Ambassador Collections where our ambassadors have gotten creative and created their very own art collections. Explore the collections and find your favourite prints now!

데세니오 인플루언서 콜라보레이션

Here you'll find our Influencer Collaborations, both our Selected By-collections with art carefully selected from Desenio's line by various lifestyle and fashion influencers, as well as our Ambassador Collections where some of our Desenio Ambassadors have created their own collections with us. Whatever's your interior style, these stylish collections are perfect to decorate your home with!

Whether you're looking for a complete collection to bring into your home or simply want a few pieces and build your own art collection, the prints created and selected by our Ambassadors will definitely give your home a well-deserved face lift!