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앰버서더 컬렉션

2022 년 공식 대사 소개 : 안나 르완도프스카와 게르다 루이스! 각 앰배서더는 디자인 스튜디오와 협력하여 자신만의 컬렉션을 제작했습니다.

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Gerda Lewis

Get ready for a fun and carefree summer with Desenio Ambassador Gerda Lewis's art collection! Perfect for infusing some colour into your home, mix and match prints in bright greens, hot pinks, and shades of lavender.


From Germany's Next Top Model to The Bachelorette, Gerda inspires her many followers daily, sharing her love for fashion, travel and, of course, her dog Teddy.

”Finding the right art pieces brings everything to life and adds such style to your space. I love when my art matches my interiors, and I always switch up my decor for a new season."


"I would describe my style as soft, flirty and chic. It's clean but with a pop of colour."

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Anna Lewandowska

Meet our Desenio Ambassador Anna Lewandowska! In collaboration with our Design Studio, Anna has created an art collection that will bring a summer feel to your walls.


As a World Championship medalist in karate, fitness trainer and wellness entrepreneur, Anna is on a mission to change people's lives, inspiring healthier habits and self-care, which heavily inspired her art collection.

"Everything I do is connected with my passion for health. It's the DNA of all my businesses; I cannot imagine my art collection not reflecting that."


”I used to be very passionate about photography; some of the illustrations in the collection are based on my own photographs. For me, art makes a house a home. Through art prints, we can express what's hidden in our hearts. They can also remind us of what is most important.”