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야자수 포스터


Green is good, right? With a palm print you can be sure to stay at peace as well as on trend! Get the best of both worlds with palm tree prints and posters in both black and white or colour, and let the green palms take your home to the warmer tropics. You will find both palm prints in the form of photographs and illustrations!

야자수 포스터

Find peace in nature, and let palm prints cover your walls. We have all heard how plants are good both for our planet and ourselves, but if there is no more space for living greens in your home you can at least add some a palm print (or two).

In our category of palm prints you will find many different designs, and we have palm prints in both colour as well as black and white. Not only will you find the classic green, but also prints with bold palettes and in pastel tones. Simply put, a palm print for everyone. Whether you have a style resembling the minimalist or the maximalist you can with certainty look for and find your new favourite palm print at Desenio.

Palm trees and palm prints will not go out of style for a while, and you can look through our collection in your own time to find your own favourite palm print that gets to move into your home.