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Laura Page


After pursuing a career in graphic design, Laura Page decided to take a break and re-evaluate her future. When working in a cafe, lockdown happened, and with a lot of time spent at home, Laura got her paints out and got back in touch with her creativity.

”My dreams inspire me, like traveling the world in a camper van, beautiful locations I’ve been to or would love to go to. But also, some sunglasses resting on a table, trees in a park, a teapot… Literally everything!”

Laura Page paints her illustrations using mainly gouache paint with a colorful, calming, and bright aesthetic.

”I’m very into natural textures. I love paintbrush strokes being present in my illustrations and natural marks. I always aim to keep any slight imperfections, which makes the illustration unique.”

Laura Page

Find posters and prints by the artist Laura Page in this category. Beautiful and relaxing artwork that is perfect for any room of the house. Laura Page is a British artist who is based in Cornwall and creates hand-painted artwork. She finds inspiration from her everyday life, travelling, nature and different patterns.

Explore her art of tropical places with buildings, stairways and plants or a street with a famous monument in the background. Print of a woman sitting at a café sipping a cup of coffee, or a print of a relaxing moment on a bench reading a book to remind yourself to take a break. Find your own inspiration through her art and get creative by mixing and matching the artwork and creating the perfect gallery wall for you.