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Linnea Frank


After studying photography in high school, Linnea Frank found a love for art photography, playing around with exposures and textures in her darkroom. After working as an assistant photographer and later in her own studio doing mainly fashion and beauty shoots, her life took a turn when she packed up all her belongings and moved to Cape Town.

"My work always starts with an element that speaks to me, sparking the creative process. It could be someone's eyes or silhouette. I want to convey an emotion, so that's my starting point," she says.

Linnea's creative process includes adding layers, textures, light, and colors creating the intriguing art pieces she's known for.

"I have no rules! My inspiration can come from obvious or bizarre places. Music, people, and nature are always a source of inspiration. I feel like my work has blossomed since I moved, mainly because I feel inspired wherever I go in this country."